Our Pastors

Senior Pastor
Jonathan Burnett


Pastor Jonathan Burnett is married to the former Jodi Michelle Kendall and they have two daughters together, Eliayna and Hadassah.  Jodi, who is a native of Boaz Alabama, and Pastor Jonathan Burnett met in South Korea as missionaries.  Jodi and Jonathan fell in love doing ministry together.  Sharing the love of Jesus with people continues to be the greatest passion of their life.  They have spent 5 years in the South England Conference.


During their time in ministry they have become convinced that what is missing in the lives of many of their members is a healthy relationship with God, with family, and with each other.  This has led them to articulate this vision & mission statement for their ministry:


They see healthy churches full of healthy families made up of healthy individuals.  They desire to be a part of the work of God to grow healthier individuals, families, and churches.


Their ministry creates opportunities for the growth of healthier individuals.  Through outreaching and preaching they emphasis the importance of being connection to Jesus through prayer, the word, worship and sharing ones faith.  They also bring individuals into their life and disciple them into a deeper relationship with Jesus.


Their ministry creates opportunities for the growth of healthier families.  They hold seminars on relationships, marriage and parenting.  They talk openly with youth and young adults about marriage, sex and dating.  They council one-on-one with couples using Prepare-Enrich.   Jodi’s qualification in Family Life Education adds real depth to their ministry to families.


Their ministry creates opportunities for the growth of healthier churches.  Churches based on small groups are healthier, growing churches.  They lead churches to start small groups and coach small group leaders.  To increase their effectiveness in leading churches on a journey of increasing health Pastor Jonathan Burnett  have started a DMin in Organizational Leadership.


Youth Pastor
Felipe Soares



Pastor Jonathan Burnett, Senior Pastor
Pastor Jonathan Burnett, Senior Pastor